The 3 Magic Seeds of Entreprenuership

Here’s a radical suggestion: Why not challenge your young charge to take on the first three trials of an entrepreneurial “hero’s journey” to:

Make something with his or her own hands;
Sell it (safely) to a stranger; and
Experience the freedom (and responsibility) of having a little extra spending money as a reward.

Sound too simple? Just give it a try. You’ll be surprised at how each of these “magic seeds” will provide lessons, con dence and inspiration for years to come.

Why I'll never tell my son he's smart by Sal Khan

I’d like to introduce you to an important idea that you can apply to learning anything, from algebra to a new language or instrument. It’s called a growth mindset.

Research has shown that you can improve your ability to learn by changing how you think about learning. Learning isn’t about being “smart”; instead, it’s about practicing and persevering through challenges. I wanted to share this article I wrote with you and encourage you to explore building your own growth mindset:

Learn why I'll never tell my son he's smart.

Sal Khan 
Founder & Executive Director

Early Language Resources -- PINK BLUE GREEN, what?

The Montessori method of teaching begins teaching language with sand paper letters and sounds. Once a child has mastered their initial letter sounds they then move on to what Montessori refers to as the Pink Blue and Green series of lessons. Teaching in this fashion builds confidence in the child and gets them reading and writing in a developmentally appropriate time frame. Here is an article that explains the elements of the PINK BLUE and GREEN series --- they appear this way in our classroom and children will be promoted to the next series once they have mastered the previous series. 

Enjoy -- and try it out at home.